If you want to attract attention or just want some inspiration, you can book me for a record attempt, or to display football juggling art.

I can also teach techniques for ball control and special tricks.
You dispose my time for e.g. hours, half day or full day as it suits you.

Reservations and information.
World record and display suitable for large or small events, for example, at opening ceremonies, anniversaries, sporting events, the center gimmicks, European Championship World Cup football stunts, football schools, Cups, youth closings, football days, markets, festivals, parties, corporate events, Guinness record galas, fairs and many other occasions.

In the performance, I show what I can do with the ball and involve the audience so they can try out different tricks and double heading with me etc. I also teach various tricks in groups or with individual persons and we enjoy football juggling competitions. I also help with handing out diplomas and awards.

Information about me can be found on google and youtube.se. Just search for Tomas Lundman.

For more information or to book, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tomas Lundman







I started kicking the ball when I was 10 years old, by that age I made five kicks. 
The first appearance was at a circus when I was 11 years old. 
After this I got the inspiration to continue.

I played football when I was between 6 and 15 years old in Märsta IK, Stockholm, Sweden
and in the Uppland team. I set my first world record in 1989
at the age of 23 in 'standing' football heading in 4 hours 
and 42 minutes. Afterwards I fainted.

I have had the ball in the air at 16 hours and 27 minutes;
which was approx. 95 000 soccer kicks. This was not a record.

The 26/1-2010 I set my 500th world record in Märsta, Stockholm, Sweden  
when TV3 recorded  "Fantastiska Nöjen". 
The record was 'lying down' football juggling and the new time for 
world record is 12 minutes and 37 seconds.
It was approx. 1400 ball kicks.

Although I have been going on for more than 22 years, I still enjoy it and find it inspiring to juggle with the ball especially when I see the joy of my audience, which often consists of both children and adults. 

I don't just break the world records! I enjoy putting on a show and also teach 
various tricks with the ball. For instance I have performed in the United States, England,
Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Currently, I have world records in seven different categories,

Standing football heading 8 hours, 32 min, 03 sec

Seated football heading 4 hours, 09 min, 26 sec

Seated football juggling with feet 1 hours, 27 min, 48 sec 

Standing tennisball heading 1 hours; 02 min, 00 sec

Double football heading 16 min, 01 sec

Lying football juggling 12 min, 59 sec

Lying football juggling under feet 06 min, 48 sec

Currently have 518 world records.


1: When I set the world record in standing football heading in Upplands Väsby, I fainted and wondered if I managed to set world record. Yes, I did, fainted again, understod, many tears and great happiness.

Record time was 4 hours, 42 minutes approx. 38 000 nods.

2: My world record in standing football heading in Stockholm Water Festival, the day began with sunshine and nice weather but wasps started appearing that was annoying while I was attempting to break the world record and I got a wasp sting. After a while, wind gusts and strong winds came in for 30 minutes, not only that but there was also a helicopter show that to some extent interfered with my concentration on the ball. At the end I had to stand under an umbrella as it began to pour down with rain. After all, it was still a world record.

Record time was 5 hours, 11 min. ca. 40 000 nods.

3: When it was world record attempt in seated football juggling in Åhlens in Märsta, I beated my idol, world champion in world records (35 records), Sergeij Bubbka (pole vault). Now I became the world champion.

The time was 1 hour, 00 min, 00 sec. The feeling was indescribably wonderful because I had beaten my idol and that was my goal. Could hardly believe it was true.

4: When I broke the world record in standing football heading in Märsta I was desperate for the bathroom after 5 hours and it was very difficult to focus on the ball. I was given a bottle to have in my pants but nothing helped, the focus on the ball was so strong, so the urge disappeared.

After all, it was a world record of 7 hours, 16 minutes approximately, 55 000 nods.

5: In Alanya, Turkey I broke the world record in the seated football juggling. The fact that I  broke the world record in 48-degrees heat in a nation that loves football with the Mayor present felt fantastic, they also closed all stores so all could be present.

The time was 1 hour, 17 min, 49 sec

6: BBC TV England was another great memory, none of the sports experts thought that I would beat the world record in standing football heading. But ......... I did it! Hard work, passion, stubbornness, made me succeed the whole way. Tears of joy!

The time was 7 hr, 17 min, 02 sec

7: The 100th world record I set in the TV program Black and White on TV4. Another goal was achieved and I felt so much joy at defeating an American athlete with 66 world records. I had also beaten a Russian weightlifter who had 80 world records (he is not alive anymore but from what is known he had the most records). Joy, pride, humility and fantastic.

Seated football juggling time was 1 hour, 20 minutes, 02 seconds

8: Another wonderful, special and exciting memory is from Hällby Institution, when I set the world record in the seated football juggling. Such a happy, positive, committed, thrilling audience felt great. Inmates threw me three feet into the air as a tribute. Fantastic!

The record was 1 hour, 21 min, 02 sec

9: It was incredibly fun to be the first person who introduced and set a world record in lying football juggling, doing this in the Guinness Record TV broadcast by TV3. Now I had the world record in three different categories.

The time was 6 min, 06 sec

10: Astrid Lindgren Junibacken is another fun memory, here I set world record in an additional category, the fourth one. When it comes to do as many kicks as possible in 30 seconds, you would think that the shoe and the ball has a magnetic attraction to each other as it goes so fast. You do not have time to count kicks, you have to watch the footage in slow motion to count all the kicks. Great fun to set a record in a new category!

There were 140 kicks in 30 seconds

11: Another fantastic world record was in standing tennisball heading at the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm. Should I succeed with such a small ball .... Yes, there was no problem, but the focus beacame more intense as a tennisball is much smaller than a football. Now I had world records in five different categories.

The time was 1 hour, 00 min, 00 sec

12: The world record in Lidingö was very special for me. It was against my competitor from Georgia who had the world record in standing football heading. His time was 08 hr, 12 min, 13 sec.

My record before was 07 hr, 34 min, 03 sec.

I gave everything to take back the world record, a lot of mental and physical training, tactics, briefing materials, diet and rest. Really happy, but my body was exhausted, had a swollen neck, latepull and cramp in legs so the judges had to carry me home.

The time was: 8 hr, 32 min, 03 sec

13: My day in Kristinehamn was incredible, I managed to be in three different locations and set world record in lying football juggling. This was the first time I broke three records in a single day, I doubt very much whether I would manage to beat three records, but I had the concentration, motivation, shape and stubbornness.

The records were: 10 min, 03 sec, 10 min, 04 sec, 10 min, 05 sec

14: The worst world record I set was in seated football heading in Lidingö.

The world record was 4 hr, 09 min, 26 sec, I had pain in the neck, groin, eyes, back, and blisters on the butt! But the best thing was I beat my competitor from Kosovo who had the record of 04 hours, 02 minutes, 03 seconds, it was worth all the pain. Although this was a new category for me, so now I had world records in six different categories.

15: Guinness World Record Awards in Gothenburg was also a strong memory when I beat 3 world records in one day, the second time with three records in one day but it was interesting as there were three different categories. Lying football juggling, 12 minutes, 20 seconds, the introduction of the world record in the lying football juggling under feet, 6 mins, 02 secs, double nod 13 min, 50 sec, the last two records were new categories, so now I have world records in eight different categories. Lying football juggling is very demanding on the legs, after approx. four minutes you feel that the blood is not flowing as it should, it is also exhausting to the stomach. In a double nod, it's very important that you are two who have a sense of cooperation and for football. 

16.I set a world record in Selby, Norway, where I attended a football closing. The speaker had decided to speak into the microphone during the entire record attempt. He probably thought it was more difficult than I thought, but he did it! I set the record in Lying football juggling. It was a fantastic audience and a good atmosphere. The time was 12 min, 30 sec.

17: Last but not least, after 21 years came the long-awaited 500th world record in Märsta at home among pleasant school children in conjunction with TV3 production 'Fantastiska Nöjen'. What a wonderful feeling to beat the 500th record. Tears of joy and happiness...absolutely unforgettable. Lying football juggling 12 min, 37 sec.